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Whatever you do, whether you are employed by a company, run your own business or even work from home, effective communication skills are a must. The ability to understand and respond efficiently to others’ needs and requests will improve both your professional image and your personal life.

When you master effective communication skills in English, you gain the power to get things done.

COMMUNICATION PLUS focuses on building the key tools you need to communicate successfully. Improve vital skills such as, active listening, asking the right questions and being aware of nonverbal messages, to help you deliver your message in the most powerful way.

Soft Skills Objectives

  • Recognise different communication styles

  • Overcome communication barriers

  • Discover the importance of Active Listening

  • Learn effective questioning techniques

  • Understand body language

  • Manage relationships and difficult situations

Language Objectives

  • Use positive language to create a professional image; express your message clearly and directly

  • Ask the right questions to get the information you need; Maximize your listening skills to gain a better understanding.

  • Practice strategies for being assertive and understand the power of the voice - tone, formality, pronunciation and intonation