C2 Proficiency is the new name of Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE). A qualification of the highest-level that shows you have mastered the English language and can communicate confidently with fluency and sophistication in any situation. Obtaining the proficiency provides many opportunities in both academically and professionally; giving you access to postgraduate or PHD programmes or being selected for senior corporate positions within high-profile businesses.

Obtaining PROFICIENCY shows you can...

  • Write powerful, expansive and error-free transcripts

  • Present fluent ideas and debate complex issues

  • Understand accents, dialects and language nuances

  • Summarise and comprehend high-level texts and documentation

  • Communicate effectively all core skills at a professional level

How to pass C2 PROFICIENCY

To pass the exam you must first understand it. You need to ...

  • know the format of the exam
  • be familiar with the types of questions
  • understand what the examiner is looking for
  • complete the exam in the specified time
  • display a variety of grammar structures correctly
  • use relevant vocabulary on a number of subjects

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